Got 7 Minutes?

Let's get real. I'm talking really, real.

We don't often have time..

And 7 minutes is all you need.

Is it a "perfect" workout? No. but...

How it Works:

It's actually pretty simple.

Just get a stopwatch and set the countdown clock to 7 minutes (you can also use a free countdown clock here)

Workout #1: The Burpee Ladder

This one exercise can be pretty grueling. It works every body part and will get your heart pumping.
Minute 7: 10 burpees
Minute 6: 9 burpees
Minute 5: 8 burpees
Minute 4: 7 burpees
Minute 3: 8 burpees
Minute 2: 9 burpees
Minute 1: 10 burpees

Exercise Demo...

Workout #2: The Core-Four

Minute 7: the sprinter sit up (10 total)
Minute 6: bicycle sit up (10 total)
Minute 5: up and down planks (10 total)
Minute 4: superman back extension (10 total)
Minute 3: the sprinter sit up (10 total)
Minute 2: bodyweight squat (10)
Minute 1: up and down planks (10 total)

Exercise Demos...

Workout #2: The