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This'll Help You "Win the Morning"

One change I made was to commit to "win the morning". Just to start with a simple system.

Because the morning was killing me. I'd either skip eating (and be starving for lunch - then overeat!). Or, I'd go with a pastry like a donut, scone or muffin. Yes, I know it was bad for me, but a busy dad with four kids... well.. who the heck has time to blend smoothies?

During my journey, I started experimenting with different types of nutrition bars. But it was impossible to find one with only good stuff that didn't have the typical "inflammation" causing ingredients like dairy, soy, eggs or gluten.

So I decided to create one for myself. And, after urging from my friends, put these "superbars" on the market.

Since I'm a big fan of the 70s, 80s and 90s.. I decided to call it REWIND (kinda like we're rewinding our health!, get it?).

Now, because you're reading this, you get a really sweet deal on these Superbars...

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Still here? That's cool. Maybe, for some crazy reason, you haven't heard about these Rewind Superbars yet. Or you're still on the fence.

Ok, I get it. So here are some no-brainer reasons you're going to love the way they make you feel...

Here are 16 Reasons People are Obsessed with the World's First "Superbar®"... And You'll Be Too!

Hundreds of Thousands of Busy People are
"Dancin' in the Streets" (seriously!)

Until recently, if you wanted to have a nutrition bar with all these benefits.. well... you'd be outta luck. But now, after almost a year of testing, tweaking and innovating - the world's first Superbar is just waiting for you...

1. The PERFECT BALANCE Keeps Your Full and Energized (Goodbye Crash!)

Forget those "Brotein" bars bloated with 30 grams of inflammatory whey protein and hundreds of dense calories.

The Superbar was designed with the perfect balance of protein, fiber, carbs and fats.. all coming from real superfoods.

The result is a healthy, delicious compact bar that will keep you shockingly full and energized for hours!

2. World's First "Smoothie-in-a-Bar" For Busy People Like You!

It's hard to beat the nutritional power of green and fruit smoothies. But let's be real - who has time? (plus they're expensive.. up to $12 in a smoothie shop!).

So we've taken over 15 nutrient-packed superfoods like spinach, strawberries, kale, blueberries, quinoa, and almond butter.. and combined them into a super-convenient, delicious, health bar. The world's first "Superbar"!

3. Yup... We Get You!

We remember how things where "back in the day".. before cell phones. When we had to get up to change the channel. When MTV still played music videos!

Things were more simple back then. And we're here to help you simplify and add some sanity back into your life with an all-in-one "superfood smoothie-in-a-bar!". It's one less thing to think about!

4. Get Your SUPER-Greens?

Ok, let's get real. We all know "supergreens" are good for you. But very few nutrition bars have supergreens because they're expensive and almost impossible to make taste good in a bar.

But after almost a year of formulating - we've cracked the code. Each bar has nutrient-rich supergreens like spinach, spirulina, kale, chlorella and green tea... and it tastes amazing!

5. High in Heart-Healthy Fiber That'll Keep You Full.. Longer and Makes Your Heart Happy :)

We need fiber in our diet, but the average person has less than half the daily recommended fiber intake? Shocking, but true.

So we made sure the Superbar was packed with fiber. And each bar gives you whopping 7 grams of heart healthy fiber to help keep you regular and full!

6. The "Eat Clean" Bar

While many bars on the market try to save money by cutting corners and using cheap ingredients - we created a CLEAN bar.

The Rewind Superbar has NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors, NO additives, NO fillers, NO preservatives, NO sugar alcohol, NO gluten and is NON-GMO!

7. No Sugar Alcohol. Evaahhhh!

This drives me crazy. Please don't be fooled by bars who tout their 1 gram of sugar claiming to be "healthy". Because when you look closely.. you'll see they disguise it with sugar alcohol!

Oh yeah.. even the FDA warns about sugar alcohol possibly causing gas, bloating and diarrhea. Ummm... no thanks. It's why our Superbars have ZERO sugar alcohol.

8. Bye, Bye Inflammation

Inflammation causes so many diseases and is a killer! With the Rewind Superbar - we made sure it didn't have any of the big causes of inflammation (NO gluten, NO soy, NO eggs and NO dairy).

So you can feel even better while enjoying your Superbar!

9. Anti-Oxidant Rich Berries!

Anti-Oxidants are mother natures anti-aging miracle. Thankfully, deliciously sweet berries have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Superbar is filled with these delicious anti-oxidant rich superfruit like strawberries, blueberries and cherries.

10. Natural Energy Boost

Say goodbye to awful energy and caffeine drinks as an unhealthy crutch to keep you functioning at your best.

Because the energy in each Superbar comes from good stuff.. like fruit and veggies.. that'll have you'll be moonwalking out the door (without the dreaded crash!)

9. Finally! The Perfect Snack-Size Bar
(just 140 calories!)

We recently saw a "nutrition" bar with a whopping 450 calories! Sorry, but that ain't a snack.

The Superbar is just 140 calories, yet it still has 7 grams of protein and fiber.. which is the unique combination of "light" yet filling.

10. They Taste Mind-Blowingly Good!

You're probably thinking, "there's no way a bar with all these supergreens can taste good!". But oh - you'd be wrong.

We've been told it taste similar to a fig newton. It's slightly sweet and chewy with a very slight crunch. One taste and you'll understand why thousands of "rewinders" love their Superbars!

11. Ok. Ok. They Taste REALLY Good!

We have thousandsof emails and messages from our "rewinders" who still can't figure out how we where able to combine all these different ingredients - and create a bar that tastes so good.

I guess you'll just have to try 'em for yourself!

12. The Perfect "Travel" Buddy!

Throw some bars in your car. Take 'em with you on vacation. The Superbars have been all over the world!

That dreaded "what will I eat??" stress will disappear forever when you've got a Rewind Superbar with you.

13. Finally.. Say Goodbye to the "What Will I Eat?" Stress!

Our "rewinders" have all said the same thing. These bars keep them full longer than any other bar they've ever tried.

It's because it's PACKED with nutrient dense food and 7 grams of quality protein and fiber!

14. Family Friendly & Kid Approved!

Ok, this one was a surprise. We didn't know kids would love the Superbars so much!

Finally.. parents can feel good about giving their kids a healthy, great-tasting "anytime" snack filled with good proteins and fiber - and that's not loaded with artificial ingredients.

#15. Fits Into ANY Program

Everyone has their thing. Some people, like Stan, prefer to have our bars while him and his wife are doing intermittent fasting.

That's cool - we don't judge. Because our Superbar is made with all good stuff and only 140 calories - they can fit into any lifestyle.

#16. The Perfect Pre or Post Workout Snack

Because the Superbar is balanced and not afraid of having some carbs.. it's the perfect pre or post-workout snack.

In fact, you'll find us on the starting and finish lines of marathons, triathlons, and sporting events all over the world!

Ready to Try a Box of Superbars?

Pretty cool, huh?

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