Here's How I Knocked 20 Years Off My Body!

It happened pretty quickly. Within a year, my mother had passed away from cancer at age 63. I lost millions on a bad business deal. I just launched a failed magazine. And my wife and I just had our fourth child.

The stress was on and I started eating. And the 1-2 combo of stress and a poor diet being led to an autoimmune disorder.

The System? SIMPLE.

I knew to get my health back, I had to "win the morning". That became my mantra. Because starting with a good morning with give momentum into your afternoon.

STEP 1: LIVE THE "80s"

Most diets are restrictive by nature. The minute they say specific foods are "forbidden" - you want them, don't you?

But seriously, it's hard to swear off any type of food FOREVER. Because forever is a long time.

So think about the 80s.

Which means 80% of the time, you focus on making good food choices.

When I was diagnosed with my autoimmune disorder - I realized there were three ingredients that were causing the inflammation: diary, gluten and sugar.

In general, if you can try to put those three into your "20%" (which means you can have them... but just don't have too much) - you'll see big changes in your health, body and the way you'll feel.

Here's a simple chart...

The 80s

  • Clean protein: seafood, poultry, eggs
  • Veggies
  • Fruit
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Water

The 20s

  • Everything else including...
  • Breads, pasta, etc.
  • Sweets, cookies, candy
  • Pizza, burgers, fried foods
  • Soda, alcohol, sugary coffee
It's really, really simple. Just focus 80% of your diet on the good stuff and still work on the other stuff 20% if you desire.

The means you don't have to swear off a slice of pizza for the rest of your life. Nor do you have to leave the room when "Happy Birthday" starts playing.

One of my close friends, Alwyn Cosgrove, once gave the best piece of advice.

If everyone simply had a nice piece of fish with veggies for every meal - almost every illness would disappear.

When it doubt, I always go with a salad (with either Salmon or Sardines) and lots of greens. It really works.


"When you fail to plan - you plan to fail".

Living like the 80s is easy when you plan ahead. It also takes the pressure off.

Here's an example.

Your old friends want to get together for pizza and drinks tonight. So you plan ahead and try to eat "clean" for 90-100% of your day leading up to dinner.

Maybe you have a Superbar in the AM. A good salad with salmon and dark leafy greens for lunch. Another Superbar or a piece of fruit for a snack. Lots and lots of water.

You get in a good workout. So by the time dinner with your friends rolls around, you don't have to sulk all night. You can enjoy a slice and a drink.. knowing you ate well all day.

THIS, right here, is why so many fail with "diets". Because their guru said "you can never eat a slice of pizza again because cave men didn't eat pizza!!". So you'd either go out with your friends and be miserable trying to resist OR you'd just cancel plans and stay home.

Plan your day.

For me, I've found having a Superbar in the morning with a glass of water keeps me full for about 3 hours. And I don't stress about getting hungry when I leave the house (plus, I can eat it on the go!).


Back when I was a fitness professional in the early 90s - I believed the type of exercise you did was most important.

But as I've become older, the CONSISTENCY of exercise is more important than the TYPE of exercise.

Pick something you enjoy doing and try to break a sweat every day. That's it.

And make sure it's easy to fit into your lifestyle.

For example, if the gym is a 25-minute drive from your house, then you have to get changed, workout, shower and drive back.. that's at least a 2-hour commitment.

Which is why I knew it was vital to figure out a routine I could do at home.

If you like walking - then walk. If you like playing tennis - then play tennis. If you like Paleton - then do Paleton. Do what feels good. Do what feels right.

I've created the most SIMPLE workout I do from my bedroom 5x a week. It's effective and hits both cardio and strength at the same time.

Here's how it works...

  • Cardio for 2 minutes (I walk on the treadmill 4.2mph at the highest incline.. but you can bike, jog in place, jump rope, row, etc.)
  • Pull-ups (I do a set of 8.. but you can start with just one or just hang for 20 seconds from the bar)
  • Push-ups (I do a set of 15.. but you start at your own level)
  • Core exercise (I do 20 various core exercise like the ab wheel or bicycle crunch)

That's it. Once this round is done, I get right back on the treadmill and repeat.

And I do this for 8 total rounds. It takes about 20-25 total minutes.

It's a great way to condition my cardiovascular health AND muscle strength without a lot of stress on my joints.

When I started, I would walk for 4 minutes and did four total rounds. It was the same amount of exercise time BUT half the amount of strength exercises.

Of course, you can play with some of the strength exercises.

Mix in some dumbbell presses, burpees, kettlebell swings. Have fun with it.

But here's the thing.. I know my workout will be done in around 20 minutes. And since I do it from home, it saves me a lot of time.

Try it - you might like it :)

Stay tuned.. as I'm going to record the workouts and email them to you soon!


None of us our perfect. We all have setbacks.

Just give yourself a break.

Try to make better food choices 80% of the time - and break a sweat each day.

Take a minute each morning to write down ONE thing you are grateful for. Go for a walk outside every day. Call on old friend. Take a bath. Meditate. Take time to just breathe slowly for a minute.

Lean into life.

If you need a little boost - we have a free Facebook group. The Breakfast Club to help support you here.

Myself and the entire Rewind team has your back.

You got this.