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What happens when you combine the anti-aging benefits of a deep greens like spinach, kale and green tea? THEN, add in anti-oxidant rich fruit like strawberries, cherries and blueberries? THEN, mix in the protein from organic almond butter and cashew butter? THEN, add yummy heart healthy ingredients like cocoa and coconut?

And somehow. Someway. Make it vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO with no artificial flavors, colors or fillers and still make it taste like a tootsie roll?

Well, my friend. Dream no more because the world's first "SUPERBAR" is here. EVERYTHING you need to win the morning (or a perfect anytime snack).. with just 140 calories, 7 grams of vegan and gluten-free protein, 7 grams of fiber to keep you full.

Try a "boombox" of 16 great-tasting superbars right now. If you don't love 'em.. the box is FREE!


Dairy Free
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
Soy Free
No Preservatives
No Fillers
Gluten Free
No Additives
100% Vegan


Like the greatest mix tape of all time.. please meet the world's FIRST and ONLY all-in-one "superbar".
A delicious gluten-free, vegan bar filled with over 15 "good for you" ingredients that'll kickstart your day.

Let's get real, shall we?

You're busy. I'm busy. We're all busy.

And you just want something GOOD to eat. A handy dandy convenient bar filled with lots of good balanced healthy REAL foods. Foods that nourish your body like spinach, strawberries, kale, blueberries, almond butter, cherries, cashew butter, green tea and more.

We also want a bar that's NOT filled with artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy and GMOs!

Oh - and something that tastes good. Really good. Is that asking too much?

Apparently, such a bar didn't exist, so we had to create one just for you.

It wasn't easy. Just like you used to listen to the radio for hours for the perfect song just to create your awesome mixtape.

But after almost a year of playing with ingredient combinations. Taste testing. Reformulating.

We finally nailed it. The world's healthiest bar... The Rewind Superbar!

Rewind Superbar

Hey, if you'd rather just plunk down $.99 cents for a cheap bar from a cereal company loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and ingredients you can't pronounce - that's cool. But this isn't for you and we can part as friends.

But if you really care about what you fuel your body with. If you understand eating garbage means you'll look (and feel) like garbage - then you're going to LOVE this bar.

And just like the world's best mixtape collection - your Superbar has EVERYTHING you need in ONE bar.

You no longer have to worry about getting protein from the "protein" bar filled with dairy and sugar alcohol which'll make you feel as bloated as a Thanksgiving day float.

You no longer have to choke down a "green" bar that tastes like freshly mowed lawn.

You no longer have to eat a "fruit" bar loaded with 20 grams of sugar and almost zero protein.

Take a look at the ingredients in EACH BAR that'll have you moonwalking out the door, keep you full 'n energized - and maybe even turning a few heads...




It's called a "superfood" for good reason. With the perfect balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3.. it's a powerful anti-inflammation fighter. Plus, it's anti-oxidant combination of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene will keep your free radicals at bay!


One of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world, just one ounce contains 16 grams of protein, 287% RDA of Vitamin A, and has been show to support your immune system!



You should make this green superfood a part of your daily diet. Because Spirulina is protein and nutrient rich, it's can help curb your hunger and rev up metabolism. Studies have shown spirulina to do everything helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol to helping reduce sinus issues!

Green Tea:

And you thought green tea was just a "nice to have" hot beverage. Good for your heart? Yup! Promotes bone health? Help normalize blood sugar? Yes and Yes! But have no fear, my friend, because green tea is IN your Rewind Superbar too!

Green Tea


This popular, sweet red fruit isn't just tasty - they are packed with nutritional power. Including vitamin C, fiber and strawberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants. And antioxidants are what keeps you looking and feeling young!



The secret to blueberries? A favonoid called "anthocyanin". This anti-oxidant plant is what gives the blueberry is BLUE color. And these antioxidants have shown to help with reduing everything from diabates to heart disease to increasing your energy, improving skin health and keeping the weight off!*



You want a superfood? Look no further than with spinach! In addition to being high in protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, zinc, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese... it's antioxidant power protects your body from free radicals!



Cherries aren't just for ice cream sundaes! They contain powerful antioxidants like anthocyanins and cyanidin. Cherries also haveuric acid - which has been shown to reduce painful inflammation (if you have stiff joints, cherries just might become your best friend!).



The best kind of date is a healthy one! Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, sugar, and fiber. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Pea Protein:

The new superstar of proteins. Pea Protein is gluten-free and dairy-free. It produces peptides that can help you feel fuller longer. Pea protein can also keep your heart healthy and can lower your blood pressure. Added bonus - studies have shown that pea protein can aid in muscle growth and muscle recovery after workouts which makes the Rewind SuperBar perfect for an after workout snack!

Pea Protein


Not easy to say, but easy to love! Known as a supergrain because it's loaded with nine essential amino acids, high in fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and it's gluten-free.

Cashew Butter:

Healthy hearts love cashews. Full of heart-healthy unsaturated fat and contains about half the sugar ofpeanut butter and may contain less additives. Cashew butter also hasessential amino acids and magnesium which is a superstar needed to maintain, normal blood pressure levels and stable blood sugar levels.

Cashew Butter
Almond Butter

Almond Butter:

Almond butter is the perfect partner to cashew butter in our bar. Almond butter has calcium and copper, two minerals that are beneficial inbrain cell communication and keeping your nervous system functioning well. It also contains, Vitamin E and magnesium, healthy fats and fiber.


One of the top superfoods around. Coconut and coconut oil has become the cure-all. Among it's many benefits are: fat-burning properties, can reduce your hunger cravings, and also contains natural saturated fats which canincrease the good HDL cholesterol.



The cocoa gives the bars their chocolately taste but it also has amazing benefit, such as, stabilizing blood pressure, good for brain health and contains, antioxidants, high amounts of flavonoids and phenolic phytochemicals. And YES, studies have shown it can boost your mood. See! Chocolate can be good for you. You're welcome.


If you're looking for some supermodel looking woman in a bikini or some superjacked shirtless dude - sorry, wrong company.

If you're looking for some hypey crap talking about how we found some "secret" tribe living in the mountains who live to 150 years old.. and we "discovered" their miracle herb... sorry, once again, wrong company.

We just create REALLY good products with REALLY good ingredients you can pronounce. 

Stuff that's not just good for you, but tastes good too.

You get.... wait for it.... the TRUTH. 

Crazy, huh?


The CLEANEST Bar... Ever?

Ok, by now you "get it". The Superbar is amazing.

It's filled with greens, fruit, protein, and fibers.

But here's some other cool facts about the Rewind Superbar...

  • It's VEGAN!
  • NO sugar alcohol
  • NO added dairy
  • NO added soy
  • It's NON-GMO
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial colors
  • No fillers
  • Just 140 calories

But please read this first...


Your Order The Bars!

We admit it - our superbars taste good. Really, really good.

And you'll be tempted to eat 4-5 a day. But please don't.

Try to limit yourself to just 2 a day. It won't be easy, but trust us on this one.

As part of our Rewind system - we recommend one bar in the morning. Start the day off right and "win the morning".

Then, if you're looking for a quick snack or afternoon "pick-me-up", then have another one later in the day.


7 grams of Protein. 7 grams of Fiber.
And Only 140 Calories!

It wasn't easy. In fact, it was pretty damn hard.

Hard to create a Superbar filled with 15 healthy ingredients AND pack it with 7 grams of vegan protein AND 7 grams of fiber... YET, make it just 140 calories and 2 NET carbs for a perfect snack (even quick filling meal-on-the-go).

We were thinking of YOU.

Some people tend to obsess over sugar, but have no worries because our sugar comes from natural sources like strawberries, cherries, blueberries and dates. 

Yes, there are other bars with less grams of sugar BUT they often sweeten their bars with either ARTIFICIAL sweeteners (like Sucralose) or sugar alcohols (which can lead to bloating and gas... not good!

Some people want a quick and convenient bar - but don't want 280 calories crammed with whey protein. So our Superbar is just 140 calories with protein coming from sources like organic almond butter and organic cashew butter.

Some people love their greens. So the Superbar has kale, spinach, green tea, spirulina and chlorella.

So you can sit back and smile - knowing your Rewind Superbar is filled with lots of good, healthy stuff WITHOUT the bad stuff.

Rewind Superbar Nutrition Facts


Premium Bar at a GREAT Price. 
How We Do It (The TRUTH!)

When you create the worlds for Superbar and refuse to cut any corners. Meaning we didn't add fillers, artificial sweeteners or preservatives - it ain't cheap to make.

But we want everyone to be able to afford this bar - and didn't feel comfortable charging $6 a bar.

So we made a decision. A hard decision, but one that's best for our customers. 

We'll do our own fulfillment, warehousing and only sell DIRECTLY to you.. our totally awesome customer. 

By cutting out all the middlemen (warehouses, fulfillment, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, all the savings are passed onto you. And you save. Big time.

Yes, it's a lot of work to do this all ourselves.. but it's worth it. 

Which is how you can get the most premium Superbar in the world for just $3... knowing it's got everything you need to "win the morning" without cutting corners.

Why Trust Rewind?

Let's face it, with so many choices and big promises.. it's hard to know who to believe.

But you should also know we're REAL people just like you. REAL moms and REAL dads with REAL families who care about helping REAL people.

Here's a quick 2 minute video about our story from our founder and head Rewinder.. Ryan Lee...



Best Guarantee... Evahhhh

Ok - this might make other bar companies annoyed, but we don't care.

We're putting our money where our mouth is. 

Check this out...

Rewind Bar Guarantee


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Life moves pretty fast and if you don't stop and look around, you might miss it.

Smile. And let's start "rewinding"... together.